In every tribe, there is a set role for everyone! Since its very beginnings, the P.Factory Tribe has been built up around the needs of the start-ups. It is led on a daily basis by its Big Chiefs, a.k.a. the P.Factory team. But they're not alone! The team can also rely on the region's most eminent sages and trusty allies to guide its start-ups to success. But who are these people? A few introductions are in order!

The Tribe's start-ups

Today, 122 STARTUPS in the tribe

The P.Factory Tribe has been expanding ever since its creation with new start-ups joining our wonderful family every month. And as the saying goes, there's strength in numbers! The P.Factory Tribe start-ups, which come from a variety of backgrounds, are all high growth-potential companies. After the initiation rite (in other words a first meeting with one of the Big Chiefs) the start-ups are inducted at the level on the Tribe Totem that ensures they receive the appropriate support!

Business sectors

At P.Factory, the start-ups come from all types of background, we don't have any sectors of preference! But to give you an idea, here is a run-down of some of the sectors in which our start-ups are doing business :)

health and well-being


smart homes

Living together

Education & culture

Sport and water sports

Leisure and tourism

Environment & energies of the future


Commerce of the future

Business services


Success stories