In every tribe, there is a set role for everyone! Since its very beginnings, the P.Factory Tribe has been built up around the needs of the start-ups. It is led on a daily basis by its Big Chiefs, a.k.a. the P.Factory team. But they're not alone! The team can also rely on the region's most eminent sages and trusty allies to guide its start-ups to success. But who are these people? A few introductions are in order!

But first… The beginnings

In the beginning…
Once upon a time in the South-East -on the Marseille reservation to be precise-, two big chiefs of the entrepreneurial people, Patrick Siri and Bertrand Bigay happened to meet. Entrepreneurs in spirit and investors, they had both experienced the start-up adventure from the inside. The experience had taught them that, unfortunately, too many start-ups were left to their own devices, resulting in them making -often fatal- mistakes! This is how, in 2014, P.Factory was created, with the objective of guiding burgeoning businesses through their various stages of development and providing them with the benefit of the veteran entrepreneurs' experiences.

Main village in Marseille, but with encampments in Aix-en-Provence and Nice

Founders who have managed to surround themselves with other big chiefs, experts, and an unbeatable network

Our quest? To help start-ups in the region grow! A path that is ingrained in our DNA!

The Tribe's 4 commandments

Be the biggest tribe of entrepreneurs

Unite to ensure the success of our local entrepreneurs!

Show the way to success

One day little brave become big chief entrepreneur!

Reveal entrepreneurs' courage

Assert your capability and ambitions!

Do business while having fun

Keep hold of that start-up spirit that all the major groups envy us for ;-)

Your dreams - our commitment! We help you...

To generate income

Having so many customers paying for your product/service already is proof that growth management is vital!

To define a clear and realistic strategy

To provide a firm base right from the start and stay focussed on your objective, all via a benevolent watchful mentoring programme.

To structure your development

To prioritize each course of action and readjust where necessary. The aim? To find your market and obtain concrete results!

To take the right decisions

To avoid straying off the trail. No bull (Sitting or otherwise...) with us, we tell it like it is! And don't forget that the worst decision… is to avoid taking one!

By providing operational assistance

To fulfill each of your needs according to the start-up phases, thanks to the expertise provided by the Big Chiefs and the Tribe's networks.

To save time and money

To speed up development and invest where it's necessary.

By providing you with feedback from the other Tribe members

To avoid you making the same common mistakes and provide you with advice from those on the outside.