In every tribe, there is a set role for everyone! Since its very beginnings, the P.Factory Tribe has been built up around the needs of the start-ups. It is led on a daily basis by its Big Chiefs, a.k.a. the P.Factory team. But they're not alone! The team can also rely on the region's most eminent sages and trusty allies to guide its start-ups to success. But who are these people? A few introductions are in order!

The Big Chiefs

They are the backbone of P.Factory, accompanying the start-ups and coordinating daily life in the Tribe!

The Big Chiefs are the core team of P.Factory, offering a wide range of operational and strategic expertise that they put in practise to help the start-ups succeed.

Patrick Siri 


One of the founding fathers of the P.Factory Tribe, Patrick has a double role, acting as both chairman and sage. He assists the start-ups on all the financing issues and provides them with development support.

Bertrand Bigay 

Managing director

The other founding father of the P.Factory Tribe, Bertrand has dozens of strings to his bow! The Tribe's managing director, he also works on all aspects of start-up life: culture, business revenue, traction, fundraising…

Florence Cantelaube 

Entrepreneur support

Reserves in other lands hold no secrets for Florence! She is in charge of helping start-ups enter the international markets and managing relations with the investment funds. Her work also includes start-up – major group relations, by way of the PACA Open Innovation Club.

Charlotte Badie 

Web marketing / crowdfunding

The Big Chief of web marketing and social media, Charlotte looks after P.Factory's communications. She is in many ways our "Cunning Brave" who manages to get our start-ups visibility on the Web. And as for crowdfunding, she really knows her stuff!

Carine Rieu 

Human resources

Carine scours, scrutinises and sifts through the region on the look-out for new talent for the start-up tribe. She's our Big Chief of human resources whose mission it is to grab the best warriors for the P.Factory start-ups!

Léanne Gioia

Start-up and events coordination

Within the P.Factory Tribe, Léanne is the Big Chief of event organization, in charge of internal relations and coordination. Indeed, it's thanks to her that the tribe of start-ups is as closely-knit as it is today.

Kim Souares

Webmarketing / Community Management