In every tribe, there is a set role for everyone! Since its very beginnings, the P.Factory Tribe has been built up around the needs of the start-ups. It is led on a daily basis by its Big Chiefs, a.k.a. the P.Factory team. But they're not alone! The team can also rely on the region's most eminent sages and trusty allies to guide its start-ups to success. But who are these people? A few introductions are in order!

The Sages

There are 60 of them... all sharing 1 ambition: to support entrepreneurship.

Alongside the CEPAC and CDC, fresh from the region's traditional and digital economies, the Sages answered the call of the P.Factory founding fathers and are part of the Tribe's history. Their aim? Promote entrepreneurship throughout the PACA region! More commonly referred to as "business angels", these experienced businesspersons have joined forces with P.Factory to bring start-ups their knowledge and know-how. The entire Tribe can meet them at the quarterly Angels’ Party.


A chief of a tribe who knows a chief of another tribe in your area… it could come in handy to iron out any wrinkles in your project's development plan!

Feedback and advice

They've been through it and/or have been closely involved in the adventures of other start-ups. Their wisdom and advice are priceless!

Investment in start-ups

Through their close monitoring of certain start-ups, they may provide a financial contribution to aid development.

Jacques Ambonville

Eric Ammar

Michel Athenour

Edgar Baudin

Johan Bencivenga

Jean-Daniel Beurnier

Bertrand Bigay

Jean-François Bigay

Romain Brette

Gérard Canavese

Paul Chaffard

Yves Martin Chave

Grégory Colpart

Richard Curnier

Jérôme Dallaporta

Stéphanie Demartin

Vincent Deruelle

Sébastien Didier

Xavier Dupont

Patrick Finkelstein

Carole Florisoone

Roland Gomez

Bruno Huss

Alain Lacroix

Jean-Claude Lainé

Philippe Leca

Yann Le Fichant

Guy Loup

Jérôme Magnan

Olivier Mallen

Olivier Mathiot

Jacques Meler

Pierre Menu

Alexandre Miloyan

Damien Nakam

Benoit Nicolaï

Didier Parakian

Annie Peppermans

Nicolas Ponson

Nicolas Potier

Laurent Prax

Frédéric Rame

Charles Richardson

Quentin Shaekplynck

Marc Shillaci

Patrick Siri

Thierry Sportich

Christophe Subreville

David Susmann

Laurent Therezien

Alain Tricolet

Jean Vallier

Jean-luc Venturino

Alexandre Vernazza

Cyril Zimmermann