To ensure you survive and succeed! Income is the lifeblood of any start-up! Make use of the most efficient levers to attract customers and generate traction.

5 levers to help you generate income

To help you generate income, P.Factory has come up with 5 grand strategies. Don’t worry! From your very first meeting with a Big Chief, we’ll steer you towards the most suitable one(s) according to your business sector and stage of development!

Networking to find the right contacts

Since its founding, P.Factory has been developing contacts with all the other tribes in the South of France and beyond! Entrepreneurs in the region, partners, business angels… dozens have answered our call to be on hand to help with your business’s development. Whether you’re looking for your first customers, in the trial stage of your new service or product or already at the full-scale marketing phase, there will always be someone to lend a helping hand.

Open Innovation to work with major groups

Be innovative, be open! That’s the motto of the PACA Open Innovation Club. Set up by P.Factory and open to all, the Club puts the region’s start-ups in touch with major groups to create tomorrow’s world. Included in the programme: themed workshops, privileged contact opportunities and many other novel get-togethers. As a member of the Open Innovation network, the Club also allows start-ups to keep tabs on all the nationwide calls for projects issued by the major groups in the country. A potential goldmine for income sourcing!

Tendering to win contracts!

Yours is a B2B start-up? Your potential customer base is the public sector? In that case, you won’t miss a single call to tender, thanks to P.Factory! The Big Chiefs are on the lookout for smoke signals coming from the public sector and will let you know the moment a call to tender in your domain is issued.

Crowdfunding to find your first customers

Launching a crowdfunding campaign is great, but making it a success is even better! In addition to a way of testing the market, crowdfunding is a good lever to generate pre-sales momentum and find your first customers. That’s why P.Factory assists you in your choice of platform and in the campaign’s implementation to ensure you make it to 100%!

From canvassing to B2C - from sales lead to sales invoice!

With P.Factory, you’ll hit the target bullseye with a well-planned marketing strategy! Our Big Chiefs will help you put in place the right levers to make sure you catch your prospective clients’ attention… and turn them into regular customers!