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At P.Factory, we have a whole host of experts at your disposal to assist you with your business development. So ask them for help 🙂 !

Human Resources

A successful campaign is impossible without the best warriors alongside you. And here at the P.Factory Tribe, we make a point of finding them for you! After talking with you and listening to your needs, we look out for opportunities, sift through the CVs and accompanying letters and hunt down the best talent to complete your team.

Web marketing

Smoke signals are no longer the most efficient way of communicating to the widest audience. Today you need to make the most of the power of the Web and social media! From web strategy through to fully functioning website, we handle everything. Online advertising, community management, creation of a landing page… we have more than one string to our bow when it comes to boosting your development!


Forget passing the hat around among friends and family in the reservation for a few coins to help fund your brilliant idea. Move up a gear with crowdfunding! Choice of platform, setting objectives and courses of action, we set out with you the best strategy to follow. We can also help you with the organization by managing your social networks and the overall campaign. Our aim: 100% and more!

Business Plan

If I sell 10 buffalo to the other tribes each month and I have to hire 2 braves to hunt them, will I make a profit over the next 3 years? You guessed it, once you’ve found your business model, the business plan represents a vital tool in making sure you stay in business. Marketing vision, accounting forecast… we go over it with you or help you put it together to make sure that you succeed!


Speaking at the sages’ pow-wow and using the appropriate language to persuade them to invest is not an easy task! From setting up the deck, to graphics via a course of intensive training, we make sure you are well prepared for taking the plunge! Not forgetting of course pre-selecting potential investors and putting you in touch with them.

Contest applications & financing

You have a warrior’s spirit? You’re ready to take on all-comers, right here, right now? Not so fast. There’s no point running around like a headless chicken: many of those pitching contests aren’t worth the trouble! To help you save time and effort, we keep watch on the various start-up contest announcements and notify you of the ones most suited to your business and state of progress. Our aim? To make you save time and effort and to help you stay focussed on your business’s development. And as a bonus, we can even help you put together your application dossiers!

Press relations

After drawing up the communications strategy with you, we can take up our pens and start writing the press releases and creating the press kits. But that’s not all! We also manage their distribution and follow up journalists to ensure you gain exposure in their publications.

Tribe benefits

Our aim? To help you save time and money! That’s why the Big Chiefs are continually negotiating alliances with the other tribes. Via an internal platform at P.Factory, you can access great deals and exclusive content to help you move forward smoothly with your project.

2 types de services

Web services 

Cloud, marketing and other tools…

Administrative services 

Banking, accounting, legal