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5 good reasons to start your business in the PACA region !

Mon. 23 Apr 2018

Entrepreneurs, you were made to live under the sun and go to the beach on weekends ! You need to start your business in the South of France !

At P.Factory,  we are among those who consider that startups need sun to grow! And starting a business in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is the guarantee of a great harvest! This is what we will try to demonstrate in this article.

We don’t want to over sale our region by saying that you will automatically be successful if you start your business here. However, we wish to convince you that it has major assets for entrepreneurs. Here are 5 of them!

1. Creating a startup is cheaper here.

Compared to Paris, the wages are lower in the PACA region. This is an important criterion when you start to hire. According to an article in Les Echos, Parisian employees can claim to be paid between 13 to 20% more, for equal work, than employees of the same company, doing the same work, in other regions. However this can be justified by the expensive cost of living in Paris.

On top of that, the rent is cheaper in the PACA region. The square meter price is 30% to 50% lower than in Paris. This represents an important saving, especially if your startup is growing fast and you need to expand your offices!

2. Finding your place in the startup ecosystem is easier in PACA.

Our ecosystem has all the necessary assets to seduce entrepreneurs, startups and investors! The region counts 3 certified French Tech Metropoles : Aix-Marseille, Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Avignon. This is a great a reflection of the vitality and dynamism of the region.

The PACA ecosystem is more intimate than the Parisian ecosystem and therefore it allows entrepreneurs to feel less “drowned in the mass”, less anonymous and more visible. It’s also easier to attract the regional media, which are most likely to give visibility to startups.
Also our ecosystem is more favorable to mutual assistance . For example, The PACA region took 40 startups to the CES Las Vegas in 2018. It was the biggest French delegation !

And on top of that, P.Factory is very active in the region and is here to boost the startups’ network. Our tribe is working hand in hand, sharing ideas and good times and sometimes even merging their projects. They live an extraordinary human experience, in the heart of an ever-changing ecosystem

3. Recruitment is great.

Recruiting is relatively easy and of quality in the PACA region. Very good schools and training courses are implemented in Marseille, Aix en Provence, Nice and Sophia-Antipolis. Here are a few examples: Kedge Business School, IAE Aix, Aix Marseille University, Skema Business School and Centrale Marseille.

Also the attractiveness of the region allows us to recruit talents from all over France and especially from Paris. According to an APEC study, in 2016, 255 executives were moving from Paris to the Bouches-du-Rhône, when only 128 in the opposite direction.

4. There is less turnover of staff.

The turnover is low in the region and especially in the startup ecosystem. Employees tend to be more faithful than in Paris, and we like to think that they are more faithful than in Silicon Valley! A study by Michael Page confirms this statement and has designated the South-East region to be the second most attractive in France. The sunshine and proximity to the sea contribute particularly to this fact: 53% of respondents stated the quality of life as a major asset of the region, and 35% the geographical situation. Project leaders can rely on a strong team, over the long term. It is an irreplaceable asset for a startup.
Especially since many actors contribute to the wealth and attractiveness of the territory. Including accelerators, such as P.Factory or TheCamp, incubators, nurseries and other spaces dedicated to entrepreneurship. An entire ecosystem that has allowed the region to see young startups turn into very beautiful companies such as Voyage Privé or Wiko.

5. The quality of life.

Last but not least! Quality of life is a key success factor, for sure. And it is proven that the sun has an impact on success. It improves morale, synchronizes sleep, and therefore improves productivity and develops creativity! And guess which cities had the most hours of sunshine in France last year? Marseille (3 110h) and Nice (3 047h)! Both cities of the PACA region!

And of course, we can also talk about the sea and the creeks that surround us. Here, employees live in an idyllic setting, the external environment boosts their morale. The quality of life is undeniable in our region, and it allows to build motivated teams. And again, for a startup, the team is the keystone. A motivated and dynamic team will take the project further and with more enthusiasm.

So, as you probably understood, we love our beautiful region so much that we will continue to promote it with belief! We are convinced of its strengths and we gladly advise entrepreneurs to try their luck here because life is particularly sweet in the South of France !
However, you need to be careful, entrepreneurship in Provence is not always easy. The region does not have as many potential customers as the capital does. So it is necessary to remember that if you want to grow quickly, you will have to do business in Paris, everywhere in France and probably aim for the international (if it is consistent with your project). And that is why P.Factory and the entire team will be there to accompany you throughout your entrepreneurial adventure!

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