A question in the back of your mind? No need to consult a shaman or invoke the spirits to obtain an answer! We're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for in our frequently-asked questions section ;-). You'd like to find out more? Why not get together at one of our encampments for an information meeting and we can talk!

Selection criteria

  • What are your selection criteria?

    There are two main ones: the need you are meeting and your team's suitability for the project! We also look at what you're expecting from P.Factory as we need to make sure we can fulfil your expectations and your project's goals. Note also that we only accept companies that are already registered!

  • Does the company need to have more than one founder?

    At P.Factory, we believe in strength in numbers! So it's true, we do tend to prefer companies set up by several founders with complementary skills. But sometimes it's better to be alone than in bad company. So if you are alone, we'll make an extra effort to find the right people for you in our network.

  • Which sectors are your start-ups in?

    We don't focus on any particular sectors, our start-ups are from all fields -digital or otherwise as a matter of fact ;-). If you'd like a (non-exhaustive) list of the represented sectors, take a look at the section "The P.Factory Tribe" > "The start-ups".

  • When should I join P.Factory?

    As mentioned previously, we only accept companies that are officially registered. But even if you don't have a registered company, you can still come and meet us at one of the open events we organize. That way we can start to get to know you and suggest ways you can take your project forward and you'll feel more comfortable before you launch yourself, body and soul, into the big adventure!

Selection process

  • How do you select the start-ups?

    Everything depends on the application file. The file includes a few pieces of important information that allow us to better understand who you are, your idea, the market you're operating in etc. If your start-up meets a real need and your team appears to be fit for the project's requirements, then we'll get started and quickly help you test the market. Otherwise, we tell you what gives us reason for grief.

  • How do I obtain an application form?

    Easy! You just need to go to our website, click on the "Come and join us!" button, then fill in the "I want to get started" form. The form will allow us to determine whether you fit the P.Factory criteria. If you do, then we'll send you the complete application dossier by return! However, we recommend you first attend one of our P.Factory information meetings, which will allow you to find out more about us and what we do and validate your initial interest.

  • How long will I have to wait between submitting my application and joining P.Factory?

    Things can go very quickly! A selection committee meets every week (maximum every two weeks) to examine each of the application dossiers received. Once we've reached a decision, you will receive an answer within 24 hours. A few signatures later and you're in! ☺.

  • Woe is me! My application's been rejected! Can I try again at a later date?

    Of course! The life of a start-up isn't static. When you first apply, we make a point of providing constructive feedback in the event of a refusal to help you move forward. If you think you've moved forward sufficiently, then try your luck again!

Membership terms and conditions

The P.Factory programme

  • How long does the programme last?

    Our support programme is not limited in time. We work side by side with you over the long term, because your needs will change and we will be able to assist you at each stage of your company's development. Of course, our aim is that one day you'll be able to get by without us... When you've become the next European unicorn and we've sold on our shares, for example! ;-)

  • What support do you provide to the start-ups?

    Once you're a member, we assign a level on our tribe totem to you. The support we provide is never standardized, since each start-up has different needs depending on its business sector, its founders' expertise, stage of development etc. Each one receives personalized support that most closely matches its current needs. To help you move forward, we also organize a number of special events. Check out the "Events" section under "Events for the start-ups tribe" for more details.

  • What's the "Studio"?

    The Studio represents a real asset for our member start-ups. It is made up of experts in different domains ready to assist you in setting out your strategy and putting it in place. Web marketing, crowdfunding, business plan, press relations, recruitment, techniques... a wide selection of skills is at your disposal ;-)! Check out the Programme section of our website > Benefits!

  • How does the Studio work?

    As mentioned earlier, the Studio provides assistance in two fields: defining a strategy and putting it into practice. In the first case, the service is included in our support package. For the second, the work can be done at your request and will be invoiced per rates and terms agreed beforehand.

  • Do you offer registered office address services?

    No. Our programme does not include start-up hosting. Plenty of our partners offer domiciliation services for hosting your start-up, bearing in mind that we believe that a start-up's premises must be located close to the founders' place of residence. However, if you need somewhere to hold a meeting or for other purposes from time to time, by all means ask. We can reserve a room for you at our offices in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence or Nice in anticipation of your visit!


  • Do I need to wait to have a round of fundraising scheduled before coming to see you?

    Definitely not! Fundraising is a difficult process that puts the company in a precarious position. We therefore consider that a round of fundraising should take between 3 and a maximum of 6 months. But it needs to be prepared in great detail. At P.Factory, if we feel that a round of fundraising is pertinent, we'll help you with its preparation. We'll then contact the investors to recommend you to them and do what is necessary to make sure the fundraising is quick and successful, so you can quickly go back to focussing on the essentials: your customers! If you come to see us too late, you may not have enough funds for us to be able to help you prepare in optimal conditions for a successful fundraising round.

  • Is a round of fundraising needed to be a member of P.Factory?

    No, we're not fans of fundraising, even though it may sometimes be necessary to boost growth. The best financing a company can have is its income and margin. There are also several financing schemes that do not impact capital, even though they are often limited to shareholder equity.

  • Do you invest in the start-ups?

    When we bring your start-up into the P.Factory fold, the main thing we invest is a lot of our time! Later, if we decide together that the time has come for a round of fundraising to accelerate growth, we are the first to invest, with an average investment amount of €25,000. It's a compelling vote of confidence, aimed at the investors who we will be inviting to invest in your start-up. In this case, we invest under exactly the same terms and conditions as the investors.

  • I tried to raise some funds, but failed. Can you help me?

    Once investors have met you and put a label on your start-up, it's very hard to change image and camouflage the reasons for the refusal. If you have the time, we can help you work on changing the things that aren't right, for example the business model. But there's no doubt that you haven't made things easy for yourself by going to see investors too early and ill-prepared. We'd have preferred to have met you earlier!

Get-out terms

  • How can I terminate the agreement?

    If you decide the support programme isn't for you, you can simply terminate your participation within a period of 12 months. We only want to be involved with start-ups whose founders are satisfied with the work we are doing together. But don't worry, at P.Factory we don't believe in holding grudges ;-). Even if you leave the programme, we'll still stay in touch!