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Mon. 15 Jan 2018

At P.Factory, we have an expertise in accelerating startups that has made big companies very curious ! So we decided to share our knowledge with them. We tell you all about it in this article !

A month ago P.Factory’s team animated a seminar on acceleration processes for an international group. Florence Cantelaube and Bertrand Bigay lead this working session, in English, in front of the international team responsible of the Innovation and Digital Transformation within different international divisions of the group. The seminar thematic came to complete the different subjects reviewed during their 3 days seminar. P.Factory’s intervention lasted 3 hours, during which we described and shared our knowledge of the startup world, their working methods and the key success factors of an entrepreuneurial story.

In one hand, the seminar gave the opportunity to analyze the innovation and acceleration processes used to make startups grow. On the other hand, it was a great way to explain how an accelerator like P.Factory supports all of its startups and helps them to grow.
We mainly discussed about the 4 following subjects :

  • Startups value and culture – passion for innovation is the cement of the young company.
  • The adhesion and team cohesion – we presented how to bring value to all people working in the company.
  • Customer focus: Customer satisfaction is the only master on board.
  • The execution rapidity and agility in iterating process without fearing the possibility of failure.

Our daily experience on field with startups gives us the opportunity to illustrate our words precisely with examples of successful and well-known companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Trainline. But also and mainly with examples of startups that belong to our tribe : some concrete and lived examples. We also introduced tools that we use on a daily basis – especially our future collaborative working platform in order to give our listeners the opportunity to understand the interest of the different processes introduced during our seminar. The final step was to identify the ones that could be transferred in their day-to-day management processes and finally to think deeply on how to take ownership for some of them.

In summary, we have shared our expertise in startups support by presenting some of the methodologies that we use. We have also questioned our audience on how they could use the tools we introduced in their day to day working processes in order to improve the efficiency of different tasks.

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